WinSCANOPY: Canopy Structure and Solar Radiation Analysis
Image Analysis for Plant Science
Regent Instruments Inc. since 1991




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The Mini Systems (Now shipping)  

1) These are compact and lightweight. Their camera and lens are water splashproof. They can be used for canopy or solar panels' site characterisation.

2) Although they are compact their image quality is very good. They are true digital camera based systems and have nothing to compare to earlier generations based on analog video cameras. Their resolution and image quality though do not match our DSLR compact systems. They come with Regent's calibration to analyse their images in WinSCANOPY.

3) The Mini systems are offered with entry-level versions of WinSCANOPY, called WinSCANOPY Mini. The latter comes in 4 configurations to appeal to different applications. They are also available with the Regular and Pro versions of WinSCANOPY.

Congiguration WinSCANOPY Mini WinSCANOPY Mini LAI WinSCANOPY Mini Solar WinSCANOPY LAI + Solar
Gap fraction & openess Y Y Y Y
Solar radiations N N Y

4) Their cost is also attractive thanks to the above possible combinations of hardware and software.