Technical Support

Technical support is available by email to all registered clients.

You can contact us by email to the address given at the following places:

  1. In the Welcome screen that is displayed each time one of our software is launched;
  2. In our products' instruction manuals: a) on the cover page, b) on page 1 and c) in the Appendix FAQ section
We usually answer within one hour messages received during our working hours. If it takes longer, it can be due to a higher volume of emails than usual, we are closed for a holiday or during summer time when we have staff on vacation.

Please provide the following information when you contact us:

  • The software program name (i.e. WinRHIZO) and version (Pro 2021a) you are working with.
  • The hardware product name (i.e. STD4800 scanner).
  • The customer number on your Protection Key. This information is important, it allows us to retrieve information about what was shipped to you and earlier communications.


Windows 7 to 10 Compatibility
Regent's programs runs well under Windows 7 to 10 (32 & 64-bit). If your protection key is not white & cyan you must install the key drivers version 7.6.8. You can download the 7.6.8 driver file by clicking here.

If you have a Regent Instrument's scanner, it will also be important to download the latest drivers. Make sure you choose your scanner model drivers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an older version of the protection key driver installed on your computer, you must uninstall it before installing the new one. To uninstall the old driver, run its installation program (the same program that you used to install that driver) and select the option to Remove (instead of Update, Repair or Install).

All 32-bit versions of Regent Instruments programs work on computers with Windows 32-bit or 64-bit versions (Windows 7 to 10). 99% of Regent's programs owners use a 32-bit version.
All 64-bit versions of Regent Instruments programs work ONLY on computers with Windows 64-bit version (Windows 7 to 10).

64-bit programs do all the same functions and have the same features as 32-bit versions except:

1. They can load and analyse much larger images
2. They are approximatively 15% faster.
3. Unfortunately they can only acquire images via TWAIN 64 drivers and these are very rare. So if your scanner does not have a 64-bit TWAIN driver (like our STD as of August 2021), the only option is to acquire images with the scanner manufacturer software, save the images and load them in Regent's programs for analysis.
4. Our current LA scanner has a 64-bit TWAIN driver so all our 64-bit software programs work well with it.

When you try to scan or load an image, the following message comes up :

Protection key not found
Please verify its installation.

This message means that the program cannot locate the hardware protection key required for the proper functioning of all Regent’s programs. The key must be connected to the computer on which the program is running.

The key can be one of three models (see images at the bottom page):

1) Cyan USB key. On all operating systems, does not require any driver.

2) Black USB key. On all operating systems, you will need to install a driver for this key.

3) Purple USB key. On all operating systems, you will need to install a driver for this key.

There are a few reasons why the program might not be able to find the key. The information and tests that follow will help find the cause of the problem.

* Make sure you download the key drivers version 7.6.8 (not 7.6.9) at the link below. When installing the drivers try using all default setting

* You can download the 7.6.8 driver file by clicking here.

* Drivers must be installed before connecting the key. If you did not or are unsure, try uninstalling it (using the same software as for installation), restarting the computer, reinstalling the drivers (try with the default settings), restarting the computer then connecting the key. When you connect the latter you should get a message from Windows confirming that "the drivers for this device have been installed and are running properly".

* Make sure the key is connected directly to one of the computer's USB port (not via a USB hub, monitor or keyboard USB connection).

* Make sure you are using the right key for the software. First it must be one of Regent Instruments' key. Then check the software model it unlocks. It is written on the key. Verify that the software model you are using is the same as the one of the key. The software model running is written in the welcome screen at startup. Note that a key made for WinFOLIA “Reg" won’t allow to run a WinFOLIA “Pro” and vice versa. Both the key and software must be of the same model.

* If you have more than one year version of the software (i.e. WinFOLIA Reg 2002a, WinFOLIA Reg 2006a, WinFOLIA2012a….), make sure you use the right year for the key (the key for a software model changes after a few years). Example: You bought WinFOLIA 2006 in 2006. Later you updated it to version 2012a. When you updated it the key was reprogrammed for version 2012a. It now allows WinFOLIA 2012 to run but no more the older ones (2006a, 2003a…).

If none of the above suggestions work, contact Regent’s technical department. If you do so, let us know which of the above tests you have done, and the results you obtained.

For software without the Cyan protection key

Regent software programs come on a CD-ROM labeled with the product name and its version number (WinDENDRO 2010a for example). On the CD, there are two folders. One bears the product name and contains the program (WinDENDRO.exe, WinRHIZO.exe...), its instruction manual and its demonstration images. Copy that folder to your hard disk. The second folder contains the drivers for the protection key. See PROTECTION KEY above for its installation instructions.

For software with the Cyan protection key

Regent software programs are now directly on the protection key instead of a CD-ROM. The Cyan key doesn't require drivers so it only contains the program (WinDENDRO.exe, WinRHIZO.exe...), its instruction manual and its demonstration images.

All programs produced by Regent Instruments come with an instruction manual, demonstration images and an installation video (systems with scanners only). Read the Introduction section of the instruction manual and try the examples with the demonstration images. These images are easy to analyse and show typical applications.

Depending on the scanner model an error is indicated by the lights in front of it. Refer to the scanner manual for a meaning of the light status and a hint to the potential cause of the problem. If the error remains, try the following.

Disconnect all cables (except power) and devices connected to the scanner (cable from scanner to computer and from scanner to TPU). Turn on the scanner. If it indicates an error, the scanner is probably damaged or is still locked. Verify that the scanning head is unlocked.

If the scanner does not indicate an error, turn it off and connect the TPU unit (if you have one). Turn the scanner on. If the scanner lights indicate an error, the TPU (or scanner) is probably damaged or still locked. Unlock TPU light and retry the procedure if light was locked.

If the scanner does not indicate an error, turn it off. Connect the cable that connects it to the computer on the scanner side only (do not plug the other end of the cable to the computer). Turn on the scanner. If it does not work, the cable is probably damaged. Try replacing it.

If the scanner does not indicate an error, turn it off. Connect the cable that connects the scanner to the computer on both sides (scanner and computer) while both machines are off. Turn the scanner on. If the lights still do not turn on normally, there is probably a problem with the connection..

If none of the above procedures solve the problem, contact our tech support personnel and let us know which tests you have done and the results you obtained.

Upon starting one of our program, the following message comes up:

The code execution cannot proceed because ijl15.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

This means the ijl15.dll cannot be found on your computer. You can download this file by clicking here. After downloading and unzipping the file, move it in the program's (WinDENDRO.exe, WinRHIZO.exe...) folder with its .exe file. If you own several of our programs, you can also move it to your Window's system folder (typically C:\Windows\System) to make it available to all of our programs.

Image analysis is very demanding on computer resources. Below are ideal ones, those that will make your work more efficient. It can always work on less powerful computers but analyses take more time and some software features might not be available.

Processor: This item is important. An Intel Core i7, i9, Xeon or AMD equivalent is recommended as these processors are better suited for multimedia. Fastest clock speed is better. 16 Cores is ideal as it gives a speed boost to all our programs except WinDENDRO and WinRHIZO Tron, which only uses one core.

RAM: 32GB or more and fast ones (2800, 3200 MHz). Quad channel is faster (available only on desktop or desktop replacement portable computers) otherwise dual channel is more common and good.
Note: Only 64-bit versions of our software programs can use all that memory. All 32-bit applications are limited to 2 or 3 GB by Windows. The more memory there is, the larger the images can be analysed and more complex analyses can be done.

Operating System (OS): Windows 7 or 10. All of our 32bit programs can work on Windows 32 and 64-bit OS. Our 64-bit programs can only work under Windows 64-bit OS.

A fast hard drive: SSD is the best and makes a huge difference in speed and reliability. It can also be one small capacity SSD which holds Windows, our program(s) and images you are working on combined with a slower larger capacity drive of another kind (mechanical 7200 RPM hard disk or hydrid).

A DVD writer for long term image storage (if you want to store the images) or a remote server

A large screen. 27” or more for a desktop is good. For a portable a 17” is good. As the screen size increases, less scroll is required for the user (increased productivity) and the latter has a better view of the images and measurements.

Video card: Don’t pay for high end 3D accelerated video cards, our programs are not video intensive. A discreet video card is worth paying for (has its own memory) although some very good integrated video cards appeared at the end of 2020.

32-bit vs 64-bit Regent's software. The 64-bit versions of our software programs are 15% faster and can analyse much larger images than 32-bit versions. Unfortunately, they can only acquire images from scanners that have a 64-bit TWAIN driver and as of August 2021 only our LA2400 sold since 2018 have one. For other scanners, images must be acquired with the scanner manufacturer software, saved to disk then opened and analysed in our programs. The 32-bit versions work with all scanners we have been selling for over 25 years.

Key models:


Cyan protection key


Black protection key


Purple protection key

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