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Software Suites

When you need more than one software program, benefit from the
advantageous prices of our Software Suites


Available in Regular and Pro versions

Software suites
are advantageous when more than two different software programs are needed. They can be ordered with or without hardware. Most software can share the same scanner and accessories. Self-leveling mounts with cameras and fisheye lenses are available for the Horta and Silva Suites.

For Image Acquisition, we offer:

High Quality Scanner Calibrated Permanently by Regent Instruments
for accurate measurements, a special lighting system that eliminates shadows around thick samples, and accessories for easy and efficient scanning of roots, seeds, and needles.

Portable Imaging and Calibration Kit available for Leaf Image Acquisition with a Camera
(camera not included)

Self-leveling mounts and high precision cameras with calibrated fisheye lens
are available for Suites containing WinSCANOPY software

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