Image Acquisition

Image Acquisition: scanners & cameras

WinCAM NDVI can acquire images directly from most optical scanners (via TWAIN drivers) or digital cameras (via jpeg or tiff uncompressed image files).

For Vegetation Spectral Index or NDVI analysis, a special camera which acquires images in the NIR (Near Infra Red) and Visible bands of the spectrum is required (these are called NDVI, Vegetation Stress Monitoring or Multispectral cameras).

Applications of NDVI cameras are numerous. While they can be used with WinCAM to compute the NDVI or other spectral index of a scene, in some instances they can be used to measure the vegetation cover over soil or other background when color (using conventional cameras) cannot be used. In situations where vegetation has colors close to or identical to their background, they can usually be distinguished in the NIR where healthy vegetation has a strong reflectance compared to other natural objects (soil, sand, rocks, water, ice, ...).


Portable Imaging & Calibration Kit (PICK)

Conventional professional or inexpensive color digital cameras can also be used for image acquisition (for Color Index analyses not for NDVI). We do not sell such cameras (as almost any model can be used) but we offer the Portable Imaging & Calibration Kit (PICK) to ease sample positioning and pixel size or color calibration.

The PICK allows to acquire images of leaves and other biological samples (needles, roots, ...) in fields (or laboratory) with a camera for their analysis in Regent's programs (WinCAN, WinFOLIA, WinSEEDLE, ...).

It contributes in different ways to obtaining good images suitable for precise automated analysis. The background provides good contrasts with biological samples. The translucent non-reflective cover holds them firmly against it to avoid shadows and distorted measurements. Calibration targets allow to make a fast and precise calibration in just one click.

The camera is held above the sample using a tripod (not included) with or without an extension arm and uses the ambient light (it works under sunny or cloudy days). To avoid fuzziness due to the depress of the shutter we recommend to trigger the camera using a wired or wireless remote control (optional), the camera built-in timer or for some cameras using a smartphone or tablet (via WiFi or Bluetooth).

The PICK comes in 2 sizes to accomodate small or large leaves or more of them per image and two models. One is optimized for color and morphology analysis (disease quantification, area per color, leaf or object area...) using the Pro version of Regent's software, the other for basic leaf (or object) area and morphology analyses (grey levels analysis) using any of its software.

The PICK is a good complementary item to our scanner based systems wich works in the office (they are more precise and produce higher definition images).

*1 Almost any model can be used. We do not sell or recommend digital cameras.

WinCAM NDVI comes with an instruction manual with plenty of color illustrations, examples of applications and images for training. It also comes with prompt and competent technical support (by e-mail) by Regent Instruments personnel (the answering time is typically one hour when messages are received during North America eastern time business hours).


Sales related information

Prices in Canadian dollars and US dollars are available by contacting our Sales Department at (Potential distributors, see our policy regarding distribution). When WinCAM NDVI is ordered with another Regent Instruments software (WinDENDRO, WinRHIZO, WinRHIZO Tron, WinCELL, WinSCANOPY, WinFOLIA, WinSEEDLE) a 10% discount is offered on the less expensive software.

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