Stem Analysis

XLSTEM is a stem analysis module offered as an option to WinDENDRO. It is a set of macros that runs in Microsoft Excel (Excel not included).

XLSTEM calculates the following information from ring width data produced by WinDENDRO:

  • Mean radius (quadratic method), diameter and area per disk (available cumulatively or incrementally).
  • Tree height and volume as a function of age or year (available cumulatively or incrementally).
  • Basal and summary information about the tree.
Three height interpolation methods are provided:

  • Linear
  • Carmean
  • Newberry

Features of XLStem released on March 05, 2014:

  • Works under Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007 (does not work under older versions such as Excel 2003).
  • Analyses are more or less 25% faster than the previous 2010 version.
  • Improved user feedbacks (error messages, warnings, questioning).
  • Won't override original data file (even by user's mistake).
  • Minor bug fixes.
Features of the 2010 version (released March 2010):

  • For Excel 2007 (does not work under older versions such as Excel 2003 and newer versions such as 2010 and 2013)
  • Can analyse files with more than 256 columns (samples with more than 240 rings).
  • Can analyse WinDENDRO Version 4 files made by WinDENDRO versions 2005 and more.
  • Can convert WinDENDRO Version 4 data files to Version 3, one at a time or in batch.
  • Two new measurements added: Stem Volume and Commercial Timber Volume.
  • Decadal file conversion uses -9999 instead of 999 as end of sample marker.
  • Can analyse files with more than one tree.
  • New manual.
Bug Fixes:

  • All known bugs have been fixed.
  • It will no more crash when opening files with a name made of 31 characters or more.
  • Will handle correctly files with bark and with specified age (different from the number of rings).
  • The Diameter in function of height graphic will now go up to the tree height instead of the last disk and interpolated heights are visible between disks.
Calculations can be done interactively on selected trees or in batch.

All data can be displayed graphically.

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