Systems Specifications

WinFOLIA is available as software alone or complete system

Model Selection and Image Transfer to WinFOLIA

WinFOLIA uses the TWAIN1 protocol to communicate with scanners and get images directly from them (without saving them to disk) in a very fast process. There are many versions of TWAIN and some features are not mandatory for a scanner to be TWAIN compliant. Regent Instruments cannot test all scanners and drivers available on the market so we do not guarantee that they will be compatible with all features of WinFOLIA. We have tested and selected a few models that are representative of their categories and we offer them for sale with WinFOLIA as complete systems (WinFOLIA can also be purchased as software alone). These models meet the requirements for precise scientific work and we give them a speed rating to help you choose one. There are important differences in terms of image quality and speed among different models. We retain those that are robust, reliable, will last long and which come with good warranty support from their manufacturer. With all scanner models it is also possible to scan leaves using the scanner manufacturer program, save the image to disk and then open and analyse those images in WinFOLIA2. This process is slower than TWAIN because it involves two extra steps.

Our scanners come with additional instruction manuals that explain how to install the scanner with our accessories and how to scan biological samples for analysis with our programs. These help you to get the best images from it and to save time by giving some tips that are specific to the scanner that you have purchased (optimizing it for speed vs. accuracy or avoiding frequent beginners errors).

Our scanners also come with their manufacturer’s software program(s) which allow to use them for other generic applications (object, photo, slide or document scanning).

1 TWAIN drivers are installed in your Windows operating system when you install the scanner manufacturer software programs.

2 Files must be in tiff uncompressed grey levels (8 bits/256 grey levels) or colors (24 bits/millions of colors) or jpeg format.

Model Selection and Image Transfer to WinFOLIA

Some reasons for using cameras instead of scanners are that they can take images of larger objects (albeit at lower resolution) and are more portable. WinFOLIA can open and analyse jpeg images files produced by almost any digital camera (not RAW files). The fastest way to measure leaf area and morphology in the field is when the computer can get instantaneous image transfer from the camera to it. This is possible if your camera has a TWAIN driver (this is rare) or that it can be remotely controlled from the computer (with the camera manufacturer software) and transfer images directly to it via a wire (such as USB) or a wireless (WiFi) connection. In those cases, WinFOLIA can analyse images as soon as they are saved to disk (or directly from the camera if a TWAIN driver is available).

WinFOLIA can analyse images interactively (one after the other) or in batch (without operator supervision)1. This will work if you have the right calibration setup and no unwanted objects in the image (feet, debris, etc....). This allow to acquire images rapidly in the field and to analyse them later in the lab (with or without supervision).

1 Not all analyses can be done in batch (envelope and teeth for example).


Recommended computer configuration

Image analysis programs are extremely demanding on computer resources (more than a word processor for example), so it is a bad idea to use an old computer for this type of application. Most computers sold today have the minimal power. Although a minimum configuration can work, you will gain a lot in productivity by adding some little extras like a large screen (27"), plenty of RAM (over 8GB). It works with Windows 7 to 10 (32 or 64-bit).



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