To manually analyse minirhizotron images

WinRHIZO Tron & Tron MF are manual root measurement programs that allow you to analyse images coming from minirhizotron underground video camera systems or other sources that do not always offer a good contrast between roots and their background. The main difference between the two Tron versions are:

  • WinRHIZO TRON analyses one frame (image) at a time;
  • WinRHIZO TRON MF analyses multiple frames simultaneously (MF=Multiple Frames).


WinRHIZO TRON computes morphological measurements for traced roots. These measurements are calculated for each root and root segments. Total values for all roots are also available. These measurements are summarized on screen and detailed data are available in data files.

You can choose which information is displayed and how it is presented (content, text size and color). Each analyzed frame has its name written in its upper left corner, over the image. You can also select which morphological information displayed in the command area (as illustrated).


The distribution of the morphological measurements as a function of root diameter is visible in the graphic above the image

The command area


In order to measure roots with WinRHIZO TRON you must manually trace them with the mouse over the image. As you trace them to indicate their presence, WinRHIZO TRON measures them and display complete morphological information on screen. Any root segment or node can be modified (moved, re-sized, deleted or added) by clicking the mouse or pressing keyboard keys. As you modify the roots, morphological measurements and data in files are automatically updated.

The distribution of root length, area, volume or number of tips is displayed as a function of diameter in a graphic above the image. The color classes are the same as those used to draw the roots in the image. WinRHIZO TRON measures the real root diameter distribution rather than the average diameter as some other programs do. If, for examble, a root segment encompasses three diameter classes, the root length is distributed among those three classes rather than only in the average class. 

An analyzed root is made of segments delimited by nodes (nodes correspond to the clicked positions).

You can draw the roots with a pen but a mouse is more suitable.


The root color can be a function of:

Root diameter can be shown with:


Unlike some program that display images at a fixed resolution, you can scroll and zoom in some parts of an image or zoom out to view larger areas.

WinRHIZO TRON comes with a printed color manual with plenty of illustrations

WinRHIZO TRON is updated regularly

When you purchase WinRHIZO TRON you can get a discount to acquire WinRHIZO Reg or Pro for automatic washed roots measurement. The Pro version can be used for extensive morphological measurements including topology, fractals and color analysis. Both programs share the same look and feel, so once you know how to operate one, you already know many basic notions of the other.

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