XLRhizo is a utility program written in VBA (Visual Basic Application) for Microsoft Excel (Excel not included) that allows you to visualize data produced by WinRHIZO. It facilitates data analysis, provides easy graphic functions, saves time and helps validate data.
  • XLRhizo can separate measurement data into different sheets as a function of their type (global, color, fractal, link, axis, developmental or manual paths analysis) for one or many images.

  • XLRhizo can merge the measurement data of a root system analyzed in more than one image (if the entire root system is too large or too dense to fit on the scanner and must be analyzed in several pieces).

  • XLRhizo can display graphically different measurements for visualization or validation. It can, for example, plot root growth as a function of time for images acquired at different moments and analysed with WinRHIZO.

Features of XLRhizo released date: April 05, 2014

  • Works under Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007 (not 2003 and older versions).
  • File opening and data separation by type is a hundred times faster than previous versions.
  • Added possibility to plot graphics in 2D instead of 3D.
  • Improved user feedbacks (error messages, warnings, questioning).
  • Minor bug fixes.
    • Crash which occured when user name began by "PAT".

Root length, area, volume or number of tips per diameter class for different images.

Total root length, projected area, surface area, volume or average diameter for different images.

Total root length, projected area, surface area, volume and number of tips per color class.

Total link length, surface area, projected area as a function of link class, magnitude, order or altitude.

Link analysis data can be averaged by Class, Magnitude, Altitude or Order.

Averaged link data per image.

Link morphology data (number of links, total link length, total projected area, total surface area, average length, average projected area, average surface area or average diameter as a function of link developmental order.

You can process data or create graphics for one or more images analyzed in a WinRHIZO data file.

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