WinSCANOPY: Canopy Structure and Solar Radiation Analysis
Image Analysis for Plant Science
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System specifications

WinSCANOPY Systems  


    DSLR Compact Systems
Product Name 24 MP
Camera Type Mirrorless DSLR*
Image Sensor Resolution 24 MegaPixels
Hemisphere Diameter (px) 3800
Remote Control
(for camera triggering)
Bluetooth. Works up to 5 meters.
Smartphone can also be used (not included).
Memory card   64Gb
Battery charger   External or in camera charging
Number of batteries   2
Lens Field of view (FOV) 180┬░ Hemispherical
Type Interchangeable
O-Mount Size (cm) 26.5x22x15
Weight (Kg) with camera 2.27
(to identify North direction)
(required for radiations analysis)
User must orient camera top toward North or record its orientation using a magnetic compass or a compass app and smartphone (not included)
Sunblocker Yes
Carrying case Weight (Kg) 3.2
Waterproof/Impact resistant Yes
Software (choose one)   WinSCANOPY Mini LAI Solar with XLScanopy Mini,
WinSCANOPY Reg or Pro with XLScanopy

*Note: Based on a compact mirrorless DSLR camera with 24 Mega pixels resolution. This DSLR is very lightweight and compact in size making it ideal to travel with in forest or fields. Despite this, it produces images of quality that equals or surpasses those of conventional DSLR systems (mirror based).

All these systems acquire images and store them on memory cards that can be swapped in the fields. They also come with a one year warranty.

Prices are available by contacting our Sales Department at

WinSCANOPY is available as software alone or complete system with hardware


The best way to learn about the different WinSCANOPY systems available is to ask our sales dept for our latest interactive price list. With it, you can choose the components of the system, get information about them and see the price updated as you choose items.

Our interactive price list also automatically calculates discounts if you buy more than one product (of the same or a different product family such as WinRHIZO, WinSEEDLE, WinDENDRO...) or if you already own WinSCANOPY license(s).

The price list can also give you the cost of updating (e.g. from WinSCANOPY 2012 to 2022) and/or upgrading (e.g. from WinSCANOPY Mini or Reg to Pro) your current software version.

Note that we do not sell cameras, lenses and accessories (OMount) without the WinSCANOPY software.