WinSEEDLE Analysis System for seeds and needles
Image Analysis for Plant Science
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seed, needle morphology, count  

WinSEEDLE is an image analysis system for needles and seeds morphology and diseases analysis.

It comprises hardware for image acquisition (scanner and accessories) and a computer program, WinSEEDLE, specifically designed for seeds and needles analysis (area, morphology and diseases analysis). Different configurations are offered in function of measurements, speed, accuracy and cost.

The WinSEEDLE software program is very easy to use. To get an image from a scanner, simply click the scanner icon and specify the scan area size. After the scan, the image is displayed in WinSEEDLE's Image area, ready to be analysed. A simple click on the image is all that is required for basic analyses (like seedles area, length and width). More complex analyses (color analysis) require a few other clicks.

The WinSEEDLE software program is available in two versions; Reg and Pro. Their measurements and features are listed in the tables below.

  Reg Pro
Total projected area
Individual and average projected area
Individual and average straight length (length measured from end to end in a straight line)
Individual and average curved length (length measured from end to end following the needle/seed center)
Individual and average maximum width
Individual and average curvature
Seedle count
Individual and average volume (estimated from projected area and three dimensional models)
Individual and average surface area (estimated from projected area and three dimensional models)
Color measurement for disease quantification, seedle classification (based on their color content) and debris filtering  
Interactive and semi-automatic length measurements  

Note : Seedles must not touch each other in order to be analysed.


  Reg Pro
Measurement of straight or curved seedles
Defects and debris automatic filtering based on different criteria (area, morphology and for the Pro version color).
Interactive image edition (to remove artefacts, debris or defects)
Measurements are visible in the images. Corrections can be done by the operator before saving data (by adjusting analysis settings or manually rejecting seedles).
Scanner with special lighting system to avoid shadows during image acquisition
Data saved in ASCII text format that can easily be imported in spreadsheet or data visualization software programs
Batch scanning and analysis: to scan and store images and analyze them later with or without operator supervision
Histogram of seedle length, width or area displayed on screen during measurement. Area and seedle count in function of color for the Pro version.


XLSeedle is a companion software program to WinSEEDLE. It is made to organise and visualize data produced by WinSEEDLE. It is a set of macros that runs in Excel (not included). These macros add a menu (named XLSeedle) to Excel's menus. The latter contains commands to process WinSEEDLE data and create graphics very easily. Excel's standard commands remain available allowing you to do your own processings and graphics.