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Image Acquisition Component

Digital camera and a fish-eye lens
Self-leveling mount
Camera Remote Controller
North direction recording for radiation analyses

When ordered as a complete system, WinSCANOPY is much easier to use. A system comprises the following components (some of which are optional):

Digital camera and a fish-eye lens  

The cameras and lenses we sell range from low cost point-and-shoot cameras with a fixed fish-eye lens to high-end digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras with an interchangeable fish-eye lens.

When purchased from Regent Instruments, cameras and lenses come with a calibration file that indicates to the WinSCANOPY program:
1) the position and radius of the 180 degree field of view hemispherical area to analyse in the image (hemisphere).
2) the calibration coefficients to compensate for non-linearities in the projection of elevation angle (azimuth) in function of distance to the hemisphere centre.
3) miscellaneous information about the camera (image size, aspect ratio…) and lens (model, FOV…).

You can also provide the calibration parameters of your own camera and lens. Note that this require some technical knowledge about these components and that Regent Instruments does not provide any help for this.

Self-leveling mount  

A self-leveling mount, called O-Mount because of its round shape, holds the camera at horizontal level during image acquisition. Automatic leveling saves time and reduces risk of manipulation errors. O-Mounts are made of robust plastic and are offered in varying weights and sizes (Mid-O-Mount and Mini-O-Mount).

The DSLR version comes with the SunBlocker. It prevents the direct sun rays from reaching the camera fish-eye lens, thus eliminating glare. It can be installed and removed in few seconds.

Without the sun blocker
With the sun blocker
  Mid-O-Mount and Mini-O-Mount. There is a standard attachment hole for easy mounting on standard mono or tripod. Note: Tubular handle is not included but you can use selfie sticks or compact monopods (with a ¼ 20 screw thread).  
Camera Remote Controller  
The Mid-O-Mount Camera Remote Controller allows to trigger its camera at distancess from 2 to 10 meters (depending on the model and canopy density). It is the ideal solution for acquiring images in forest canopies at different heights. Even at ground level, you will appreciate the ease of use compared to the camera's built-in timer. We offer different models, some use Infra Red (IR) and works only a couple of meters away and does not allow for obstruction between it and the camera, while others operate on radio waves that are not affected by ambient light or canopy. These can be operated from behind the camera and works even when obstructed by tree branches and leaves.

The Camera Remote Controller

The Mini-O-Mount camera on the other hand requires a smartphone (not included) to trigger the camera at distrance and view acquired images.

North direction recording for radiation analyses
To do radiations analyses, the North direction relative to the hemisphere centre in the images must be known in order to determine the sun position over time (to calculate solar paths and radiations intensity).

The indication of the North direction can be done in different ways.

The simplest is to orient the camera during image acquisition so that it is at a known direction. In WinSCANOPY it is easier if North is at the top of the image (top of camera must point toward North).

Another method is to record the camera (top) direction relative to North at image acquisition. You can do this with a compass held in hand pointing in the same direction as the camera top, write or store the orientation value then enter it at anaysis time in WinSCANOPY identification window displayed before the analysis of each image.

The compass can also be a smartphone (there are thousands of compass apps for Android or iPhone). The phone can be held in your hands or it can be mounted in a special holder on our O-Mounts (Solar version only for the Mini). The phone can be used with the compass app to indicate the North direction (which the operator must store for each image) but can also be used in combination with WinSCANOPY Mobile for Android phones. This app, which comes with most versions of O-Mounts, records the O-Mount and camera direction relative to North over time and stores it in a log file. This log file can then be read at analysis time by WinSCANOPY for Windows to extract the photos direction relative to North instead of having the operator enter the value numerically. The WinSCANOPY Mobile App must be activated prior to be used. This requires an access to remote servers in North America. Currently it is not possible to do so in every country. To be sure that WinSCANOPY Mobile can be activated in your country, please contact our sales department before purchasing. Three (3) WinSCANOPY Mobile App licences are included in a system. Each one must be activated. They can also be deactivated on a device for reactivation on another one. It is not available for iPhones at the moment.