WinSCANOPY: Canopy Structure and Solar Radiation Analysis
Image Analysis for Plant Science
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System specifications

WinSCANOPY Systems  


    Mini Systems
DSLR Compact Systems
Product Name 10 MP
24 MP
Camera Type Point&Shoot Mirrorless DSLR*
Image Sensor Resolution 10 MegaPixels 24 MegaPixels
Hemisphere Diameter (px) 2500
Remote Control
(for camera triggering)
SmartPhone required
(not included)
for camera triggering &
images viewing
±2 m. distance when no obstruction between camera and remote. Smartphone can also be used (not included)
Long range remote No Yes - optional. Radio waves
±10 m. distance
Obstruction (leaves, branches) tolerant
NDVI** No Yes - Optional
Memory card 32 GB
Battery charger Stand alone & USB (in camera charging)
Number of batteries 2
Lens Field of view (FOV) 180° Hemispherical 180° Hemispherical
Type Fixed Interchangeable
O-Mount Size (cm) 8.75x5.25x2.5 26.5x22x15
Weight (Kg)
without camera
0.75 / 0.82 1.77
Weight (Kg)
with camera
0.89 / 0.95 2.27
(to identify North direction)
(required for radiations analysis)
Items required:
1) Phone holder -> included with Solar versions;
2) Android phone -> not included;
3) WinSCANOPY Mobile App*** -> included (with Solar versions).
Items required:
1) Phone holder -> included
2) Android phone -> not included;
3) WinSCANOPY Mobile App*** -> included
Downward image acquisition (for soil cover analysis) No
Sunblocker No Yes
Carrying case Weight (Kg) 1.52 5
Waterproof/Impact resistant Yes
Software (choose one)
with XLScanopy Mini
Yes No
with XLScanopy Mini
Yes No
WinSCANOPY Mini Solar
with XLScanopy Mini
Yes No
WinSCANOPY Mini LAI + Solar
with XLScanopy Mini
Yes No
WinSCANOPY Regular
with XLScanopy
with XLScanopy
with XLScanopy
No Yes** Optional

*Note: Based on a compact mirrorless DSLR camera with 24 Mega pixels resolution. This DSLR is very lightweight and compact in size making it ideal to travel with in forest or fields. Despite this, it produces images of quality that equals or surpasses those of conventional DSLR systems (mirror based).
**NDVI Option: replaces conventional color camera by a NDVI camera and includes the WinSCANOPY Pro NDVI software.
***The WinSCANOPY Mobile App must be activated prior to be used. This requires an access to remote servers in North America. Currently it is not possible to do so in every country. To be sure that WinSCANOPY Mobile can be activated in your country, please contact our sales department before purchasing. Three (3) WinSCANOPY Mobile App licences are included in a system. Each one must be activated. They can also be deactivated on a device for reactivation on another one. It is not available for iPhones at the moment.

All these systems acquire images and store them on memory cards that can be swapped in the fields. They also come with a one year warranty.

WinSCANOPY Software  

The WinSCANOPY software can be purchased separately. The features of each version is given in WinSCANOPY Program features.


Our sales department ( can give you a quote for the systems, software and accessories described on this page (see Important Notes below). Our digital cameras come with more accessories than those provided by their manufacturer. As an example, on some system, we include a second battery and a high capacity memory card to store a reasonable amount of images. They also come with a calibration, additional operating instructions and technical support.

Software Alone or Complete System?  
When WinSCANOPY is ordered as a complete system, you get a calibration file that indicates WinSCANOPY which camera and lens is in use (but you can change it) and where in the image is the hemisphere with a 180 degrees field of view for your camera and lens pair. The lens sees more than 180 degrees, so it is important to find the hemisphere radius which corresponds to the 180 degrees. Also the position of the hemisphere in the image changes between different cameras of the same make and model. You also get a lens calibration which allows to compensate for non-linearities in the projection in the image in function of the zenith angle. To analyse images in these conditions you do not need to enter camera parameters (this is all done for you in the calibration file), you simply click the image. For more information about camera and lens calibration click here.
Important Notes  
  1. We can quote in US and Canadian dollars depending on where you are located.
  2. When WinSCANOPY is ordered with another software produced by Regent Instruments (WinDENDRO, WinRHIZO, ...), a 10% discount is offered on the less expensive software.
  3. You can buy a version and upgrade it to a higher end version later (Ex: Reg to Pro...) simply by paying the difference in cost between them.
  4. You get a rebate on the purchase of a second licence, when purchased by the same person.
  5. Quotes are not valid for resale, please consult our policies regarding distribution.
  6. We do not sell digital cameras, O-Mounts and accessories without the WinSCANOPY software neither do we recommend make and models.
  7. We do not disclose the brand and models used in our systems.
  8. Our knowledge of the models we sell allows us to answer with competence the questions asked by users.
    Contact our Sales Department at for further information.